First Arrival

Welcome to SolBridge!

We are happy to have you as a member of the SolBridge family. This page will provide you with some basic instructions about what to do when you first arrive in Korea.

If you have questions or concerns about any of the things mentioned here, please contact our HR manager Mr Peter Seo ( or our HR Assistant Ms Jamie Do ( When your arrival is fixed, Peter and Jamie will share their contact numbers for emergencies.

Planning your Arrival

  • Get the accommodation address in advance from our HR team (will be sent at least 2 days before the flight)

  • There are 2 ways to get to Daejeon from Incheon airport:

  1. By bus: The bus ticket can be purchased at the bus ticket counters between Exit 9 and Exit 13 at Terminal 1 and between Exit 1 and 2 at Terminal 2. When you buy your ticket, be sure to ask for a seat.

  2. By Train: You have to purchase two train tickets: (1) from Incheon airport to Seoul Station (b) from Seoul Station to Daejeon Station. It is more complicated because of the transfer, so we recommend you to take the bus.

  3. When you arrive at Daejeon, take a taxi to the accommodation (show the taxi driver the address)

Click here for more information. Note: This is the detailed information provided to our students. Please note that because of lack of resources and scheduling issues, we cannot provide airport pickup for faculty.

Click here to access a short pdf guide prepared by the Student Services team for our students. Note that the residences mentioned in this file are only for students.

COVID-19 Regulations

Click here to learn about the Korean government's rules and guidelines related to COVID-19.

Useful Links:

You are required to take a PCR test within a day after your arrival. You can take the test at one of the health centers below:

  • 운내과의원 : 대전 동구 동대전로 200 예일크리닉빌딩 2층 201호 (우) 34514

  • 전 동구 동구청로 147 동구청

You may be charged ₩30,000 - ₩70,000 depending on your visa status and the health center.

Alien Registration Card

Making an appointment for an Alien Registration Card (ARC) at Immigration Office

Appointments for ARC at the Immigration Office can be made only when you have already entered the country. Once you enter the country, we will make the appointment as soon as possible.

Please note that getting an appointment depends on how busy the immigration office is. It may take 7-10 days to get the appointment from your date of arrival. Important facts:

  • You will receive your ARC approximately 2 weeks after the appointment date.

  • We will provide all the required documents, with all the necessary instructions.

Medical Check-up

After your ARC is released, you must do a medical check-up at a Korean Hospital so that the school can register you under the national health insurance system. These health checks are required for all regular employees at all businesses in Korea.

Hospital address: 대전광역시 동구 동서대로 1672 대전한국병원

You will be charged around ₩50,000 for the medical check-up.

Bank Account

Once you have your ARC, you can open a bank account at KEB Hana Bank. Barring a few exceptions, all salary payments are monthly payments deposited in wons in your Korean bank account.

Bank Address: 841 Daejeon-ro, Dong gu, Daejeon

Bank Address (in Korean): 대전 동구 대전로 841

Getting a Korean Sim Card

Before getting your ARC, you can buy a temporary sim card by using your passport number. When you receive your ARC, you can get a permanent number.