Logging in: Use your faculty ID & password

If you access new SAIS website from off campus, you need to use two-factor authentication.

You have three options for this:

  • Receive an OTP (one-time use password) through SMS message

  • Receive an OTP (one-time use password) through email

  • Use an authenticator app: IONEPASS 통합인증앱 on Android or iOS (Korean only)

The old SAIS website can only be accessed using Internet Explorer.


How to use IETab.mp4

What is SAIS?

The SAIS website ( is our school's system for logging and viewing information about courses, students and faculty. It is used for the following purposes:

  1. Upload a syllabus

  2. Check/download the final list of students enrolled in your class

  3. Approve undergraduate students' request to Drop the Course

  4. Enter Final Grades

  5. Answer students' Grade Appeals, Submit Corrections

  6. Check Student Evaluations and Read Student Feedback

  7. Enter Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) data

  8. Enter Performance Management data (e.g, Research Publications)

  9. Enter Information about your CAP meetings with your mentees

Grade Management on SAIS

See the Grades page for more information about grade-related matters (grading policy, entering grades, grade appeal, grade correction, etc.)

Faculty Guides_Grading Policy

Grading Policy (Undergraduate + Graduate)

Click on the slides on the left to learn about SolBridge's grading policy.

How to Input Grade on SAIS.pdf

Inputting Grades on SAIS

Click on the pdf file (created by the Academic Affairs Team) on the left to learn how to upload grades on SAIS. Notes:

  • Grading period opens for a short time (about a week) towards the end of the semester.

  • You cannot input grades during the middle of a semester (e.g., after the midterm exam).

  • You have to manually enter the grades one by one for each student. The system does not allow you to upload a .csv/.xlsx files.

  • The SAIS website works best with Internet Explorer. However, you can use extensions on Chrome or Edge browsers to open the SAIS page. See the resource at the bottom of the home page of this guide if you want to use such extensions. Be aware that the extension does not always work (e.g., when entering CQI information).

Grades_Rules for Entering and Correction.pdf

Handling Grade Appeals and Grade Correction

Click on the pdf file (created by the Academic Affairs Team) on the left and read pages 2-3 to learn how to deal with Grade Appeals from students. This resource also clearly specifies how to do Grade Correction. Notes:

  • Grading appeal and correction period opens for a short time (about a week) towards the end of the semester after the period to enter grades is over.

  • Please be sure to reply to all grade appeals.

  • Please make sure that you finish your grade entering, answering grade appeals, and submitting grade corrections before committing to activities such as vacations or extended leaves.

19_Grade Correction_SAIS Guide (Revised in Spring 2021).pdf

Answer Grade Appeals

Answer students' Grade Appeals; Submit Corrections

3_Timetable_SAIS Guide (Revised in Spring 2021).pdf

Check timetable

Check your timetable / schedule for a semester.

5_Syllabus Upload_SAIS Guide (Revised in Spring 2021).pdf

Upload Syllabus

You are required to upload your syllabus before a term starts (watch this video instead).

7_Student List_SAIS Guide (Revised in Spring 2021).pdf

Get Student List

Find out how many students are enrolled in your class and get their email addresses (watch this video instead). You can get the list from Smart too (see how).

Student Feedback and Evaluation Scores.pdf

Student Feedback

Read Student Feedback and Check Evaluation Scores

CQI_AA team.pdf

Enter CQI data

Enter Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) data

Frequently Asked Questions about SAIS

Do I really need to use SAIS?

Yes. It's not great, but it's what we have. There's no other way to input final grades, log CAP mentoring, etc.

When working with SAIS, please start important tasks, such as grade entry, as early as possible to allow time to solve any potential issues.

Do I really need to use IE to open SAIS?

Yes. SAIS only supports Internet Explorer. See the section above to learn how to run IE inside another browser.

Can the grade entry deadline be extended?

No. The system has to be closed for all users at the deadline. If you have an extreme emergency, contact Academic Affairs.

Can I have this information in a document?

Yes you can! Please see this comprehensive guide for SAIS from the Academic Affairs team. Much of the information here is from that guide.

I have a question that's not answered here.

If your question was not answered, ask it here.