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A collection of tips and guides for new and existing faculty

Information for new faculty

Websites and online services used at SolBridge

SolBridge main page

Google services login websites

Login ID
You can log in to these sites using your faculty SolBridge email address as your login ID.

Chosen by you when HR asked you to fill out the form to create a new email address.

Other websites

ID: Faculty email address
Password: created by you

See here for MySolBridge guides

ID : Faculty email address
Password: created by you

See here for Turnitin guides

ID & password provided to you as needed

See here for Sedona guides

ID: Faculty ID
Password: Same as SAIS

See here for Smart Campus app guides

Course planning

See the following pages on this website for information about planning your courses.

Academic calendars, course schedules and make-up schedules can be found here.

All courses require a well-crafted syllabus.

You can request textbooks through Academic Affairs and also find open source textbooks.

Attendance is mandatory and 20% of the grade for all courses.

Grades are very competitive at SolBridge and should be carefully and transparently determined.

For any written work, checking for plagiarism is essential to make the learning environment fair for all.

Courses designated as 'online only' are conducted over Zoom.

The LMS is for sharing course materials, assignments, online exams, grades, etc. and more with students.

A summary of each course - in document form - needs to be produced at the end of the semester.

Some core courses require additional tracking and records as part of the AACSB accreditation process.

Student counseling & CAP