Scheduling office hours

Scheduling meetings with students

You're welcome to use whatever system you like to let students schedule appointments with you. However, we do ask that you also fill out your availability for meetings on MySolBridge as well (see below for details). This way there is a common way for a student to book an appointment with any of our professors.

Student Consultation Hours on MySolBridge

We've created a 'consultation hours' program on MySolBridge for students to schedule meetings with professors and counselors.

The system is easy to set up. Once you've set your available hours, you'll receive email notices any time a student schedules an appointment with you, and the meeting can also automatically appear on a linked Google Calendar. You don't have to log in to MySolBridge to check for new meetings confirm scheduled meetings.

BTW: We've found that using the term "consultation hours" instead of "office hours" makes students more comfortable (or at least less uncomfortable) about scheduling appointments with professors.

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