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General attendance policy

  • Attendance is mandatory at SolBridge.

    • Attendance accounts for 20% of the final grade in all courses.

    • Students who miss more than 1/3 of the classes automatically get an F.
      For most courses (of 45 total hours), this is 15 hours of class or 30 attendance blocks.

    • If you want to award participation points to your students, please use a separate category in your grades other than the attendance category.

  • Please do the attendance for each class on the same day as the class.

    • E.g., If your class was on Tuesday, please mark attendance on the website before the end of Tuesday.

    • If no attendance is input on the same day, the system marks all the students as absent and marks the class as "Missed". Correcting this requires a lot of headache and paperwork, not to mention all the questions you'll receive from students.

  • Students with valid reasons for missing a class need to report this to the Academic Affairs team.

    • To receive an excused absence for a missed class, students need to submit a form and supporting proof of their absence (documents) to the Academic Affairs team. If they decide that the student's reason for being absent is valid, Academic Affairs will modify the attendance record for that student.

  • At the end of the semester, attendance records are pulled automatically from the attendance website to SAIS for final grade inputs.

    • Attendance records can only be modified through the attendance website. In SAIS they are viewable only.

Attendance website guides

  • The slides here provide guides for common tasks on the attendance website for professors

      1. Check attendance by day / week

      2. Check attendance by student

      3. View full attendance book

      4. Check attendance for just one day

      5. See students with many absences

  • Official attendance website guide (for professors) from Academic Affairs:

Attendance site - tutorial - by day - week

Attendance app guide for students

If your students are confused about how to use the attendance app, please share this guide with them.

Attendance app guide for students

Attendance checking for online students

If a student is attending online, you will need to manually mark them as present on the website.

  • Signing in through the attendance app only works when students are physically present in the classroom. (The app uses Bluetooth to connect to a beacon in the classroom.)

  • The attendance website is not linked to Zoom meeting logs or any data from SMART such as progress reports.

The video here shows how you can export the attendees for any Zoom meeting.

  • It's strongly recommended that you tell students to include their student ID in their Zoom display name to make it easier to identify them.

If you have students' IDs and the number of minutes they were present, you can use a spreadsheet to create a sorted attendance record.

Get Attendance Record from Zoom.mp4