How to prepare a syllabus?

Prof. Shijith Kumar has prepared an updated syllabus template to be used with all courses at SolBridge. This updated template ensures our courses 

Click here to download a copy of the syllabus template.

Prof. Kumar's guide to using the template is provided here. Following the guide when preparing your syllabus ensures that courses meet the GACCS criteria as part of the school's mission, and that the outcomes of the course are reflected and measurable through the assurance of learning (AoL) process.

Guidelines to prepare the Matrix for the syllabus.pdf

Can I change the existing syllabus?

Short answer: No

Long answer:  The syllabus is carefully designed after taking into account the requirements of the students, AACSB accreditation,  the school's policy, and after integrating the feedback of students from previous semesters. As such, it is not a good idea to edit/remove the course content. This is especially true of CORE courses, in which the instructor is required to measure whether students are learning the AoL objectives they are supposed to learn. 

Of course, you can propose the changes you want. To do this, meet the program director and discuss your ideas with him/her.

Can I propose a new syllabus for the course I want to teach?

Yes, SolBridge encourages faculty members to create new courses. This is the typical process:

Upload Syllabus.mp4

Note: if the video quality is poor, click on the gear icon when the video opens and change the quality to 1080p.

How to upload my syllabus to the SAIS system?

Note for Special Lecturers: If you don't have access to SAIS yet, please send your syllabus to Prof Danielle Swanepoel ( She will make sure it's available to your students on the SAIS system.

General Procedure for Uploading a Syllabus

Before a semester begins, professors are required to upload their syllabi in the Info system. To upload your syllabus:

Click here to watch a video on how to upload the syllabus.