Faculty policies

Faculty meetings

Regular faculty meetings are held each month during the regular semesters and also one to two weeks before the start of each regular semester.

These meetings are hosted by the Associate Dean of Faculty Affairs. The Dean and the heads of each program provide relevant updates, and any outstanding issue are discussed.

Faculty meetings are for all faculty. (Guest faculty are not required to attend.)

Announcements about the meetings are directly emailed to faculty.

Monthly meetings

Shorter faculty meetings are held generally on the first Tuesday of each month during regular semesters. These meetings are typically one to two hours in length.

Faculty retreats

Longer faculty meetings take the form of all day faculty retreats. These meetings serve to prepare for the start of the regular semesters and discuss developments that occurred during the intersession breaks.

Faculty handbook

The official source of all policies regarding faculty recruitment, requirements, evaluation, promotion, research support, etc. are provided in the faculty handbook.

The most recent version of the handbook is available in a shared folder linked here. (For security purposes, you need to be logged in to your faculty email account in order to view the folder.)

Update (2023/09/01): The faculty handbook is currently being updated to reflection recent changes to programs and other policies, including SolBridge's DEIB commitments.