CAP advising

General information

[general information about CAP to be added]

CAP mentoring needs to be logged on SAIS

CAP records are to be entered ONLY for BBA students, not for graduate students.

CAP Advising Dashboard

Prof. Kushal Sharma created an at-a-glance student data dashboard to assist with CAP advising.

The dashboard provides record of all of the courses a student has taken and their overall academic standing. Having a clear understanding of each advisee's progress allows you as a mentor to provide the most relevant advice possible.

In order to view the dashboard, you need to be logged in to your faculty Google account. If you are still not able to view the dashboard, please contact Daniel Corks ( to request access.

See below for an overview of how to use the Dashboard.

Linked above are three copies of the dashboard. Each copy is identical. If you want to access the Dashboard but you notice that another professor is using it, you can open up one of the other copies. 

Alternatively, before you have a meeting with an advisee, you can access the Dashboard and take a screenshot (or use the print option and save as a PDF).

Summary worksheet

On the Summary worksheet, you can see a list of your mentees.

Dashboard worksheet

The Dashboard worksheet provides an overview of each mentee's academic progress.

Known issues

The CAP dashboard has a few bugs that are being worked on.

Open House Week

SolBridge runs an "Open House Week" in the third or fourth week of each regular semester. During this week, all section advisors, track advisors, specialization coordinators and graduate program directors and encouraged to arrange meetings with their advisees.

Mail Merge tools

Sending a group email to all of your advisees can be a little impersonal. Mail Merge tools can help you send individualized emails and also track if your receivers opened the email, if they clicked on any links within the email (such as a meeting scheduler link you provide), etc. (Sample screenshot included)

If you're interested in using one, then Yet Another Mail Merge is worth checking out to learn the basics of how they work. (As a freemium tool, it is limited to 50 emails per day.) A slightly more complicated but entirely free option is available from Google.

Many thanks to Prof. Edwin Sanusi for the suggestion.

CAP advisee - leave of absence or leaving school

If one of your CAP advisees wishes to take a leave of absence (LOA) or drop out, please ask them to contact the Academic Affairs (AA) team first. The AA team will guide the students and explain the process to them.

Process for leave of absence or dropping out

For your information, an outline of this process is here:

Your responsibility as CAP advisor

For students requesting a leave of absence:

For students who want to drop out:

Please Note

The process is sequential. The meeting with you must happen first before any of the other meetings can take place.

The dean will have the final say in approving the requests. At the final step of the dean's review, insufficient documentation (such as a sparse consultation log) can result if the process needing to be restarted.

Often, these applications from students are time sensitive. Please treat requests for leave of absence or dropping out with high importance and urgency.