CQI Inputting

What is CQI?

Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) is a self-evaluation process done by professors each semester for each BBA course they teach. What you write serves as a record for you and senior management.

When can I fill out the CQI forms?

CQI forms can be filled out once you are able to see students' evaluations for your classes. This will be shortly before the grade input period begins. Academic Affairs will send out a reminder email to professors once the CQI forms are open.

Please note that you must have uploaded a syllabus for a course before you can complete the CQI form.

Where can I find the CQI forms?

There are two pages (two tabs) to the form. On each page, fill out each field, then click save. Once you've filled out both pages, click submit. If you've made an error, you'll see a warning message when you attempt to input grades.

See the slides from Academic Affairs provided here for more information.

Instruction_CQI Submission.pdf

What should I write in the CQI forms?

First page: Distribution of grades and opinion

General Opinion about Grading

You can broadly describe how well students performed in the course, relative to your expectations and/or with reference to the various assessment methods used in the course.

Second page: Evaluation of course

Things Reflected in Accordance of Previous Improvement Request

Describe what you changed about the course this semester as a result of feedback from students in the previous semester. (If this is your first semester teaching a particular course, you can simply state that.)

Evaluation of Course 

Summarize the course evaluation comments from students (viewable by clicking the button beside this input field). Beside this, include a self-evaluation of the course based on how the semester went.

Things to Improve for Further Lecture 

Please state how you will improve your course next semester. 

Things to Improve for Improving System

Please state systematic changes you'd like to see made that would benefit your course.