Approval Forms

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Digital approval form submission website

Various authorization forms are submitted digitally through Woosong's digital approval form submission website, (colloquially known as the "sign" website).

Professors may need to use this website to submit forms regarding requests for leave, documents regarding business trips, applying for publication bonuses, etc.

Submitting forms on your own

If you wish to submit your own forms, please note that you need to have the HanCom (한컴) Word document editing program installed in order to fill out the forms. (This program should already be installed on your office computer. If it isn't and you would like to have it installed, please submit a request to the IT manager through the facilities manager.) You also need have your Windows system locale and regional format set to Korean. (NB: This is different from setting the display language or input languages.)

On the login page, you can download an English guide regarding how to select and fill out forms and how to submit them for approval. This guide may help you to understand the website and submit your forms.

Submitting forms through one of the office staff

If you prefer to not deal with the sign website, please complete the relevant form below. One of the administrative interns (currently Jamie Do) will submit the required documents through the approval system on your behalf.