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Importance of Grades

Our students are very sensitive to every small detail related to grades. That's understandable because grades are directly tied to students' scholarships.

Refer to the resources below to know more about grades and grading policy, how to enter grades on SAIS and on Smart, how to handle grade appeals, and read the answers to some frequently asked questions.

Faculty Guides_Grading Policy

Grading Policy (Undergraduate + Graduate)

Click on the slides on the left to learn about SolBridge's grading policy for:

How to Input Grade on SAIS.pdf
Input Grades on SAIS.mp4

Inputting Grades on SAIS

Click on the pdf file (created by the Academic Affairs Team) on the left OR the video to learn how to upload grades on SAIS.


Work-leave students

Work-leave students are graded on a PASS / FAIL standard. On the grade input page, work-leave students appear in a separate section below where the regular students are listed (see image).


Grades_Rules for Entering and Correction.pdf

Handling Grade Appeals and Grade Correction

Click on the pdf file (created by the Academic Affairs Team) on the left and read pages 2-3 to learn how to deal with Grade Appeals from students. This resource also clearly specifies how to do Grade Correction.


Frequently Asked Questions about Grades

I could not enter the grades during the assigned period. When will it open again?

It will not. Please make sure that you enter your grades in the allotted period. There might be exceptions under emergency situations, but please avoid asking for extensions as far as possible.

Can I bypass the curve (give A's to more than 30% students in a class of more than 25 students)?

No. The grading policy is absolute and inflexible.

Can I make corrections to the attendance scores on SAIS?

No. SAIS pulls the data from the Attend website. If you need to make corrections to attendance, do them on the Attend system after submitting the proper documents to the Academic Affairs team.

I entered all the scores but I forgot to hit the 'Save' button. Now I cannot see the data. How do I retrieve my work?

You cannot. Please make sure you periodically save your work.

No one did well in my class and I don't think anyone deserves an A. Is it possible to give only B's or lower scores?

Yes. The rule says you can give out A's to 30% of the students. It's up to you to decide how many will get A's.

Can I upload a data file (.csv/.xlsx) on SAIS?

No. You have to manually enter the grades one by one for each student. The system does not allow you to upload .csv/.xlsx files.

I miscalculated a student's score and gave her a B+. Her grade should have been A. Can I change it?

Yes. You can change her grade during the grade appeal and correction period. You will need to provide supporting documents to prove that changing the grade was warranted.

Please note: In this example, if you are changing her grade from B+ to A, you might have to change someone else's grade from A to B+ (because of the curve).

Are there exceptions to the grading policy if class sizes are small (e.g., only 3 students)?

No. There are no exceptions. In this example, only 1 student can get an A.

I have 29 students in my class. Can I give A's to 9 students (because 0.3 X 29 = 8.7)?

No. You can give A's only to 8 students in this example. The numbers are rounded down.

I have 29 students in my class. Students who are ranked 8 and 9 have the same total. Can I give A's to both of them?

No. You can give A's only to 8 students in this example. Please find a way to break the tie, for example by using the final exam score.

Can I enter students' scores in the middle of the semester on SAIS?

No. The system only opens towards the end of the semester. You cannot enter scores periodically (e.g., in the middle of the term for assignments, midterms, quizzes, etc). Please keep a record of your scores in a separate document or use the Smart LMS to keep track of them.

Do you have other questions?

If you have a question that was not answered here, click here and ask your question.

Entering Grades on Smart

For information related to entering, displaying, managing grades/gradebook on Smart, click on the LMS (Smart) tab at the top.

Grading spreadsheet template

If you'd like to use a grading spreadsheet that's set up to accommodate SolBridge specific situations (such as the grading curve system and attendance scoring), a template is available here. If you have suggestions or feedback for the spreadsheet, please contact Prof. Daniel Corks.