Online lectures & Zoom

Logging in: Sign in with Google, using your SolBridge email address & password

Using Zoom for the first time

If this will be your first time logging in to Zoom and creating a Zoom meeting, please see the following guide. (Many thanks to Peter Seo from our HR team for the guide.)

In it, you can see how to:

  • Sign in to the Zoom website using your SolBridge faculty email account

    • And link Zoom to your SolBridge faculty email account

  • Create a Zoom meeting

  • Set the meeting to be recurring.
    It's much more convenient than creating a new meeting for every class session.

Once you've created the meeting, you can share the meeting information and link with your students:

  • By email (by accessing the list of your students' email addresses in Smart)

  • By posting the meeting information on the main page for your class in Smart

Check the Smart LMS page here for more information about both of these methods.

ZOOM_User Manual.pdf

Guide to using Zoom for the first time

Zoom best practices & useful tips

Make recurring meetings

We recommend creating a single Zoom link and making it a recurring meeting, instead of creating a new meeting for each class session.

Use more efficient attendance tracking

Asking all your students to type their name and ID into the Zoom chat is a pretty ineffective way to check attendance. See the attendance section of this website for a quicker, more accurate system.

Important Notes for Special Lecturers

Using Zoom

  • If you already have a licensed Zoom account, please use that.
    You can post a meeting link on the Smart LMS.

  • We recommend not using use a personal Zoom account.
    Free accounts are limited to just 40-minute meetings. Ending and restarting a Zoom meeting in the middle of class is quite disruptive.

  • If you don't have access to a licensed Zoom account, we will provide with one shared with another professor.
    We will try our best to avoid overlap between the classes of professors sharing the account. Please do not schedule extra classes or student meetings using this account without first making sure that it is not being used by someone else.

"Licensed" accounts vs. "Basic" accounts

During a Zoom meeting, if you see a warning message which says that your meeting will end soon and to upgrade your account, that means your account type is "Basic" / "기본". (First image here.)

In order to hold Zoom meetings that are longer than 40 minutes, your account type needs to be "Licensed" / "사용 허가됨". You can check your account type by logging in on the Zoom website, then clicking on the profile icon in the top right corner. (Second image here.)

If your account type is "Basic", please check the following:

  • Make sure you are logged in to Zoom with your SolBridge faculty email address and that you used the "Sign in with Google" option on the sign in page.

    • If you're not sure how you logged in, logout and following the login guide above. (See "Using Zoom for the first time".)

  • Make sure your SolBridge email address is listed in your faculty personal information record on SAIS.

Checking and updating your email address in SAIS

Please note:
You need to use IE to access SAIS. See
the SAIS page here for details and possible workarounds.

To view or update your email address in SAIS: (See the image below.)

  1. Sign in to SAIS

  2. Click on "행정관리 Administration" in the top menu bar

  3. Click on "인사기록관리" ("Manage personnel record") in the left menu

  4. Click on "교직원정보수정요청" ("Edit faculty personal information") in the left submenu

  5. Click on the dark blue "현상태조회" ("Check current information") button near the top-right of the page. This will load your existing information.

  6. Near the bottom section of the page, under the "기본정보" ("Basic information") tab, check the "이메일" ("email") field.

    • This field should contain your SolBridge faculty email address.

    • If it doesn't, follow the steps below

Updating your email address in SAIS

To update your email address in SAIS: (See the image below.)

  1. Follow the steps above to check your current email address in SAIS

  2. Enter your SolBridge email address in the textbox labeled "이메일"

  3. Click on the dark blue "변경요청' ("Request change") button near the top-right.

Once you've done this, the system should sync and automatically change your account type in Zoom, though it may take up to one day. If you need further assistance, please contact Kushal Sharma or Peter Seo.

A warning message that appears for meetings created by "Basic" accounts.

Checking if your account is "Licensed"

Adding your SolBridge email address to your official faculty record.
To see a larger version of this image, right-click (or long press on mobile) and select 'open image in new tab'.