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Sedona is a faculty and academic management tool used for accreditation purposes. We use Sedona to capture important information about our faculty, for example, what type of courses you are teaching, your CV information, your intellectual contributions, your other academic contributions, and your assurance of learning (AoL) data. This information is used to inform our accreditation process.

Please make use of the following training tools to better navigate Sedona:

  • How to update your CV (training coming soon).

  • How to load information about your intellectual contributions (training coming soon).

  • How to load information about your other academic contributions (training coming soon).

Assurance of Learning AoL

If you are teaching a course that has some Assurance of Learning (AoL) goals and objectives, you will be asked to enter some data related to this on the Sedona system. Put simply, AoL measures whether our students are actually learning the things we want to teach them. This data helps us refine/revise our course content to make sure that students are getting the most out of the classes.

Please check with Professor Danielle Swanepoel ( whether your course has AoL objectives or not. Usually, courses that are designated as "Core" will have AoL goals and objectives.

For more on what AoL is and how to input AoL data on Sedona, please see the AoL training here.