nSmart LMS
(newer, Canvas-based version)

Logging in: Use your faculty ID (same as SAIS)

There are two versions of the LMS. Currently, you're free to use either one. However:

Please help us protect textbook copyright

For copyright reasons, professors should never upload a textbook on Smart.

Starter guide

The slides here provide a visual guide through the key elements of the new LMS, specifically covering the content below. (This guide assumes a basic familiarity with LMS software in general.)

Faculty meeting 2024 02 - New LMS guide, old LMS backups

Importing course material from an external source

It's possible to import course material from the old, Moodle-based LMS to the new, Canvas-based LMS.

See the slides here for a visual guide through the process.

Backups and importing from old LMS

New Smart LMS vs. stock Canvas

The newer LMS (at nsmart.wsu.ac.kr) is based on Canvas, a popular open-source LMS. It has been highly customized; the interface appears quite difference from stock Canvas, however most of the underlying functionality is the same.

Key differences

Canvas-based Smart LMS ("the new LMS") vs. Moodle-based Smart LMS ("the old one"): Key differences

The new version of the Smart LMS is based on the Canvas platform, and offers a significant improvement over the Moodle 2.3 platform that the old version of the Smart LMS is based on. Broadly speaking, the core functionality is mostly the same, but it's now easier to do those same tasks. The items below represent some of the important but less obvious things to know about the Canvas platform.

Key differences

Getting a list of enrolled students

You can see a list of all enrolled students in the LMS in the 'People/groups' item in the main menu within your course.

If you wish to download a list of enrolled students through the LMS, you can use the 'Evaluation' ➔ 'Grades' page, then the 'Export file' button below the search bar. This will give you a CSV with student names and IDs (and all of their grades).

Adding an RA to your course

The new LMS (at nsmart.wsu.ac.kr) allows you to add your RA to your courses, but with limited permissions.