Smart Campus App

Smart Campus app

Woosong University provides a smartphone app for convenient access to some of the school's digital systems. The app is mostly for use by students, but professors may also find some of the functions useful.

Mobile ID Card

Woosong University faculty and students receive digital ID cards, instead of physical cards.

In practice, the primary use of the mobile ID card is to enter the West Campus library or to sign out resources from the library.

Course Information

This section of the app lists your courses for each semester. You can see each course's schedule, assigned room, and registered students.

Other services

The app also includes a list of CAP mentoring students (under the label "지도학생목록"). Other items on the app are generally simply shortcuts to other apps or are specific to West Campus resources.

If there is a specific part of the Smart Campus app that you'd like more information about, please us know and we'll add that information here.