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General information

Turnitin (https://www.turnitin.com) is plagiarism checker used at SolBridge.

If your course has a qualitative component based on long-form writing (i.e. reports, essays, long answer questions on take-home exams) you can ask them to submit their writing through Turnitin.

How to get started:

For additional help, please refer to the official Turnitin help pages.

Please note:

If you still face difficulties or have unanswered questions, or if you do not have a faculty account on Turnitin, please contact Daniel Corks (danielcorks@solbridge.ac.kr).

Papers for publication & the paper repository

In addition to checking for plagiarism in students' works, some professors use Turnitin to produce a similarity report on their own papers or those written by a graduate advisor before submitting said papers to a journal for publication.

In this case, you SHOULD NOT add the papers to the standard repository, otherwise your paper may be flagged for plagiarism when reviewed by the journal.

Before you can upload the paper to Turnitin, you need to create a dummy course and assignment that the paper will belong to. When creating the assignment, there is an option that reads:

Submit papers to:

When creating assignments that your students will submit work to, you should select 'standard paper repository'. However, when reviewing a paper that will be submitted to a journal, please select 'no repository'. (A screenshot is provided here as well.)

If you mistakenly add your research papers to the journal repository, as the instructor of the course in question you can submit a deletion request for that specific paper. SolBridge's Turnitin admin (currently Daniel Corks) can then review and process the deletion request.

Using Turnitin to detect AI-generated text

Update: The consensus from the AI community is that AI writing detection tools are unreliable. As such, we advise against using Turnitin's AI writing detection tool. Instead, you should use your own best judgement regarding the content, style, and writing quality of a submitted work to judge if it was written by the student or not.

Turnitin's plagiarism detection report now offers an additional check to see whether any particular text was generated by AI.

When viewing the details of a Turnitin report, you'll see a box labelled AI with an associated score. This score is independent from the 'traditional' plagiarism score that Turnitin has always offered.

Adjusting your assignments to prevent or reduce the possibility of AI misuse can reduce the need to rely on a detection tool.

Some caveats: (with further information available in this video)